Friday, August 27, 2010


So, it's not all shopping, exploring, and eating around here. I am taking 15 credit hours. My classes are: International Security Risks, International Law, Politics of Developing Areas, History of South America, and Psychology of Personality. If you fail to see the theme, I'm minoring in International Affairs while I'm here. Figured I would take advantage of the opportunity. Here are a few pictures taken in my classes. Overall, my classes are pretty easy. I'm not to worried about the semester. This is kindof like FSU community college. Alot of students do two years here, get really good at English, then transfer to Tallahassee. They do have 4 year programs in a few select topics, such as International Affairs. I am taking upper level (3000) level classes, but its still going to be easy. Thats it for now!
So, honestly I'm posting this one to see If Carolyn is actually reading my blog. If she is, there is a good chance I will be dead by morning :)

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