Friday, August 20, 2010

City Tour

This is a picture from a museum that we visited. It is a model of what the city looked like before it was burnt down in a slave revolt. The museum was apparently a popular destination for schools. We got attacked by several hundred kids under the age of 10 saying "hello" to us and waving. They were pretty cute :)

This is a close up on that model of the actual place that the museum was located (where we were)

The two pictures above are from the Miraflores Locks. I'm living literally across the street from them. I have video, but as neat as it is to see and think about the engineering of it, it's a rather slow and boring movie to watch the ship slowly get pulled in, the gates to be closed, the water to ever so slowly drain out, and for the ship to go on. If you think about what is happening, it happens remarkably quick, but still, not the best clip of video. If anyone specifically wants to see it, I'll upload it.

In this picture, we are inside the guarded boundary around the presidential palace. I couldn't get pictures of the Presidential Palace because there were guards in front, and they really don't like having their picture taken; like, they'll hunt you down. Instead, we're looking across the river and towards the city.

This is the first pineapple I have ever cut, and the first fresh tropical pineapple I have ever had. It was AMAZING. It wasn't sour at all, just sweet and juicy. We're definitely going to be going through several pineapples a week, and I'm going to buy a new knife before I chop my fingers off with the dull one provided with our house.

A note: If you're looking at this post and think it looks different than the last time you looked at it, it does. I'm un poco OCD and the formatting was bugging me. I ultimately ended up refreshing my HTML skills a bit and formatting it on my own. Hope it looks good and all the code is absorbed.

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