Monday, August 23, 2010

Carnival Expo

This was a Carnival Expo. Whereas we have mardi gras, they have Carnival. The entire week before lent starts is a huge party in Panama. While you look at the pictures, keep in mind that Panama has a very conservative culture. No one really ever wear shorts or tank tops, and cops will stop you and make you put a shirt on (guys and girls) if you're in a bathing suit and you are not literally in the sand at the beach. Drinking is public is illegal (and enforced), as is being drunk in public. All these laws are suspended during Carnival. It's one big party. Each neighborhood in Panama elects a "reina" (queen). There was a parade at the expo with all the queens. They wore exquisite costumes that looked like they weighed a ton and rode on floats that were pulled by guys (not trucks). Enjoy the video and the pictures!
These are some really scary dudes. Don't know exactly what they're supposed to be, but if you watch the video above, it will become clear that there is some story behind the dance that these scary dudes are involved in. I wish I knew what it was. If anyone does know, let e know :) There were little kids posing with these things. I was scared of clowns when I was little - actually, I still am. I don't understand how the kids can look at these things without screaming bloody murder. I wasn't comfortable taking a picture with that thing, but I really wanted one for my blog.

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