Friday, August 27, 2010

Fish Market

Went to the seafood market today, and the produce market, and the meat market. It was quite an experience. Yes, it reeked of fish, but it was really neat. You walked into the building and the entire auditorium sized room was full of fresh fish. There were all different sizes and all different types. Big ones, little ones, small ones, tall ones, fishy ones, shrimpy ones, squidy ones, crabby ones... It was really tempting to take pictures of the market, but I wasn't exactly in tourist territory. I already have "GRINGA" pasted on my forehead because of my white skin and blond hair, I don't need to add a camera to the picture. I did take a picture of the seafood I got. I got two pounds of shrimps for $3.50/pound, two pounds of Corvina (sea bass) for $1.75/pound (that is of whole fish, not of fillet), and two pounds of Red Snapper for $2.00/pound. They sell the fish whole, but then will fillet it for you if you want. I don't have a sharp enough knife at home so I was grateful. After the fish market, we went to the produce market, where I got a pineapple, some fresh veggies, beans, and rice. At the meat market there were huge slabs of meat, whole chickens, etc. I got a whole chicken for $6.25. Again, I was thankful that they sliced it up for me. Overall, I got a ton of food and didn't spend much money at all. Fun Times.

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