Friday, August 27, 2010

Dinner and Dance

Little Drummer Dudes
More scary dudes. I don't know what's up with Panama and scary dressed up people. I couldn't get a clear picture of any of these guys because they were moving so fast the whole time. I didn't want to use my flash either because it felt rude. So, I have blurry pictures, but I'm OK with it. I wasn't one of the jerks flashing their cameras non-stop.
The dresses these girls wore were amazing. They were absolutely beautiful. They are all hand made - it takes a few months to make just one. They cost over 1,000 dollars. I use to always talk to my mom about my "whirly skirts" and I couldn't help but think that these dresses are the ultimate whirly dresses.
This night was a lot of fun. It was an expensive restaurant, especially relative to the cost of food in Panama, but we each had a budget of $19.25 that was covered by FSU/by our program tuition. I had some really good seafood and a great piece of chocolate cake (yes, mom. I asked about nuts). The dances and music afterwards were awesome, and the dancers looked like they were having a ton of fun, rather than just slogging through a job. Overall it was a great night. I have some video I'll post later. Internet's a little too off and on tonight to try to upload video.

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