Sunday, September 19, 2010

Santa Clara

So we took our first "on our own" trip this weekend and it was great! We took a bus from the Albrook terminal to Santa Clara (2.5 hours, $3.25). We then hiked/walked along a road a kilometer or two and found the beach. It was raining during this hike, but we didn't care. Two gringas wandering along the road in the quiet town in the rain. We got a few looks :) By the time we got to the beach, we looked like wet rats. Happy wet rats, but still wet rats. We spend our first night camping on the beach. It was great, until some local teens with their loud music and beer also showed up to camp on the beach.
Ok, so some explanation of the next three pictures. Carolyn has apparently never seen a toad bigger than a fist. There were large toads hopping everywhere around the little restaurant we were playing cards it. She was very entertained and I took pictures of this. Someday I'll take her over to my house and go searching for one of the giant leopard frogs that calls our fishpond home.
In the morning, I found a guy roaming around the beach with a horse. I asked him if I could rent the horse for an hour, and he said sure, $10. Well, ten is high for here, but I didn't really care because I wanted to ride a horse on the beach. I rode for 30, then gave Carolyn a turn, then rode for another 10. He was a sweet horse. Only 5 years old. He was a bit reluctant to stop his nice slow walk and get up to a canter for me, but he eventually gave in with a good smack on the butt.
A bit down the beach, we ran into a pack of angry dogs. They were biting at the horse, and jumping trying to get to me. I bumped the horse up to a gallop (really smooth, and really fun on the beach) thinking that when we got out of their "territory" they would stop chasing. Well, I was wrong. After about 15 seconds at a gallop with the dogs still barking chasing and biting, I stopped him and turned him around to face them. I gave a good yell like I just caught Memo with his paws on the counter, and they all turned around and cowered off. We then trotted away without any problems. I was really glad he was such a good horse and didn't spook with the dogs. When I turned the horse over to Carolyn, I warned her to avoid that far end of the beach.
Then we walked to ta different place to set up camp for the next night. We were in search of a nap at this point.
We ended up at what I had planned as our backup campsite, and it was ten zillion times better than camping on the beach. It was 2-3 kilometers away from the beach, but the amenities and people made up for it. It was run by a couple from Las Vegas who had RV'd down the Transamerican highway, then opened an RV park/campground/budget lodging place with a restaurant and bar in this big walled off area. They were super nice and SPOKE ENGLISH!!!!! That's refreshing every now and then. Anyway, they really like parrots, and had about 10 of them including an African Grey and three Toucans. There were also three monkeys that roamed about the area, coming "home" to get fed every day. They used to be caged, but they kept finding ways to unlock their cages and escape, so they just let them run free. Here's the pics!
That's "Big Red". He was a rescue parrot (actually all of them were) and he's about 50 something right now. He gets to come out during the day, then voluntarily goes back into his cage where it's safe for night. Very beautiful and friendly bird.
I don't know his name, but he really wanted me to come give him a snack/to bite my finger off. I kept my distance... I've been bitten by a parrot before. 
This was the prettiest Toucan (in my opinion). His name is Frick. There is a toucan next door to him named Frack (you can actually see him in the background). 

There were many more birds, but you can only post so many bird pictures. We had such a great time and loved the people at that RV park so much that we definitely plan on going back. There were no RVs or other tents there while we were there, just a couple in one of the guest rooms and some regulars that came by for dinner. Everyone was really friendly and gave us recommendations for future trips.
Much Love,


  1. I love the birds... and the frogs... like I need to say that though! Are you guys sleeping totally out in the open? I don't know if I could do that... I need a tent... well and a blow up

  2. No blow up mattress, but I did bring my tent. Too many disease carrying bugs to sleep out in the open.