Thursday, September 16, 2010


So, it seems every time I talk to my mom I'm cooking. She's a bit surprised by this and I got to thinking. I really am cooking a lot more than I used to. Raw foods are cheap here, processed foods or already made food however is very expensive. Consequently, I make my own food. Here are some pictures I took while making Patacones (smashed plantains).
So you start with a plantain. This one was picture worthy because it was two grown together. It was, however, not fun to peel.
Then you peel it (easier said than done) and chop it into pieces.
Next you toss the plantain pieces into a pan with hot oil
Next you take them out of the pan, and squish them one by one. I find that a coffee cup works well for this.
Then you fry them again (healthy, huh?)
When you take them out, you can heavily salt them (the popular option) or you can smother them in cinnamon and sugar (my favorite). Very yummy, very cheap, but pretty time consuming.

That same night I also made fried yucca (a future post) and tortillas (way more complicated than you would think). Fun night :)

      ~ Miss you all!!!!

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  1. Plantains have never looked appetizing to me but when you say smother them with cinnamon and sugar all a sudden I want some! haha! Ohhhh I LOVE homemade tortillas perfect that and come over and make me some!
    I can't wait to see all of the neat stuff you find! I really missed you at the shower it is so funny I just always figured you would be here when I had a kid! I'm so glad that you are getting the chance to have all of these experiences though!
    Be safe!